Thứ Sáu, 9 tháng 11, 2012

Why I Vote

I don't get political too often here, and this isn't really going to be one of those times either. But because I am a history nerd and a history teacher, I just can't let this day go by without commenting on why I think it's important to vote. (After all, if I am going to make my kids write about it today, it's only fair that I write my thoughts down as well.) I vote because for entirely too many years, women didn't have that right. Though all of the mud slinging and inability to have civil conversations makes me want to upchuck my lunch, I vote because Susan B. Anthony went to jail for trying to exercise that right. Alice Paul went on a hunger strike for that right. People in countries all over the world have died and will die trying to get an opportunity to have a say in who represents them. So, when I'm at the polling place, I think of them. I'm not a Republican. Nor a Democrat. I am not swayed by commercials or Facebook statuses. And I keep my opinions to myself. The beauty of living in a country where I elect people by secret ballot is that I don't have to tell you who I voted for or why. If you are eligible, I hope you voted. But if not, then that's okay, too. We will still be friends tomorrow, when I'm sure to be talking about something completely ridiculous.

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